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Use Data Entry Forms in Access: Overview             After creating data entry forms, you can use data entry forms in Access to edit, create, and navigate table records. Navigating within a data entry form is exactly like navigating through records in the datasheet view of a table.             You can use the “Tab” key on

Create a Navigation Form in Access: Overview             You have the ability to quickly and easily create a Navigation form in Access. A navigation form performs the same function as a switchboard form does within your database. A navigation form contains buttons you click to open other database objects, like reports and forms.             To

Find Transactions in QuickBooks Pro: Overview             To find transactions in QuickBooks Pro at a later point in time, you can use the “Find” feature. To find an invoice, or any other type of transaction, open the associated form for which you want to search. Using the example of finding an invoice, you would open

Select Controls in Access- Tutorial

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Select Controls in Access: Overview             When you are placing controls into forms and reports in “Design View,” you will often need to select the controls. In this lesson, you will look at the ways that you can select controls in Access.             To select controls in Access, click the control you want to select.

Combo Box Controls in Access: Overview             Combo box controls in Access allow you to create drop-down menus. These let users select a choice to make an entry within a field. The choices available in the combo box menu can come from different sources. You can use a table or query, or you can type

Respond to a Form Using Acrobat: Overview             To respond to a form using Acrobat, either click the link within the email message or open the form attachment within the email. You may need to save the attachment to your computer first, depending on the email client you use. Once you open the attachment in Acrobat

Text Boxes in HTML5 Forms: Overview             This lesson will show you how to add text boxes to HTML5 forms you create. Text boxes in HTML5 forms are the most basic elements that forms use in the collection of data. Text boxes in HTML5 forms are typically used when the

Batch Print Forms in QuickBooks Online: Overview             You can batch print forms in QuickBooks Online by using the “Batch Actions” button found in the “Transactions” section for the corresponding type of form- for example, batch printing invoices from the “Sales Transactions” list page. To batch print forms in QuickBooks Online, navigate to the transaction