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View Project Costs in Microsoft Project: Overview             This lesson shows you how to view project costs in Microsoft Project. Monitoring project costs is a very important aspect of many projects. You can see much of the cost data you need to monitor in the “Cost” table of your project file. You can switch the

Creating Tasks in Microsoft Project: Overview             In this blog post, we will examine creating tasks in Microsoft Project. After you have created your initial project file within Microsoft Project, you will need to enter the tasks that comprise the project. Simply put, you need to enter the actual work that needs to be done

Microsoft Project Printing Tutorial- Printing Views in Project 2013             This Microsoft Project printing tutorial is from lesson “8.5- Printing Views” in the complete Microsoft Project training titled “Mastering Microsoft Project Made Easy v.2013-2010.” To print a view of your project file, first ensure you are viewing the project file in the desired view that you