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Custom Reports in QuickBooks Online: Overview             You can save custom reports in QuickBooks Online so you won’t need to recreate them again. To save custom reports in QuickBooks Online, click the “Save Customization” button in the upper-right corner of a customized report. A drop-down menu then appears. Type a custom report name into the

Create a Contact Group in Outlook: Overview             You can create a contact group in Outlook to email several contacts at once. Contact groups are handy for sending emails only to a selected group of people in your contacts folder. Therefore, before you can create a contact group in Outlook, you must create the individual

Aggregate Function Queries in Access: Overview             You can create aggregate function queries in Access that perform a mathematical function on another grouped field in a query. Aggregate function queries in Access are usually shorter queries often used for summary totals in reporting.             For example, if you want to know the sum of sales

Leave a Group in Outlook 2016: Overview             If you want to leave a group in Outlook 2016 for which you are not the sole administrator, click the downward facing arrow in the drop-down box in the bar above the Inbox and Reading panes. This drop-down will display either “Joined” or “Subscribed.”             Choose the

Create Group Names in Access 2007 Macros: Overview             You can create group names in Access 2007 macros to make a single macro that contains multiple, separate sections of actions that you can name and reference, individually. This can have many advantages in simplifying the number of macros contained in your database and how you

Open a Group Calendar in Outlook 2016: Overview             This lesson will show you how to open a Group calendar in Outlook 2016 if you are a member of a group. The first time you visit a group, a “Welcome to the group name group” (where group name is the name of your Group) email

Start a Group Conversation in Outlook 2016: Overview             To start a group conversation in Outlook 2016, click the name of the Group of which you are a member, shown under the “Groups” folder in the Folder pane. The Group “Inbox” will be displayed in the center of the page. The Group “Reading pane” will

Open a Group in Outlook 2016: Overview             In this lesson, you will learn how to access and open a group in Outlook 2016. Groups allow you to work with a team of people within your organization. The Group shares a group email address, can share files using OneDrive and share a group calendar. This