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Slide Masters in PowerPoint: Overview             You use slide masters In PowerPoint to set the default layout and appearance of presentation slides. When you add presentation slides and apply a slide layout, the slide is formatted according to the slide master’s specifications. Each slide master has several associated slide layouts. It is possible to also

Buy Sage 50 2018 Quick Reference Cards at TeachUcomp, Inc.             You can buy Sage 50 2018 quick reference cards with our “Sage 50 U.S. Version 2018 Quick Reference Guide” cheat sheet. Our Sage 50 2018 quick reference card helps both experienced and new users by providing quick tips for using Sage 50 Premium Accounting.

Standalone Macros in Access: Overview             Standalone macros in Access are programs you create in a visual environment. In Access, standalone macros run a series of actions in a specified order. Unlike embedded macros, standalone macros in Access appear as separate objects under the “Macros” category in the database’s Navigation Pane.             Standalone macros in

Add Text to Shapes in Publisher: Overview             You can add text to shapes in Publisher within a page. When you do this, Publisher converts the selected shape into a text box. However, because there are many shapes in Publisher, a text box does not have to be a literal box shape. Using this technique

Slide Transition Animation in PowerPoint: Overview             You can add slide transition animation in PowerPoint to your presentation slides. Slide transition animation in PowerPoint is the animation that occurs when you advance from slide to slide within the presentation. You have many options for controlling the effects of the slide transition animation in PowerPoint. For

Warning Signs of Client Identity Theft-Based Tax Fraud: Overview             In this lesson, we’ll look at some warning signs of client identity theft-based tax fraud. Because tax professionals are on the ‘front lines’ of tax administration, practitioners must become adept at recognizing the early warning signs of client identity theft-based tax fraud. It is very

Using Layout Guides in Publisher: Overview             Layout guides in Publisher appear onscreen to help you stay within the printable page area. Margin guides are one type of layout guides in Publisher that you can use when designing publications. In this lesson, you will learn about the types of layout guides in Publisher you can

A Reference Guide Full of Office Tips             You can now buy the Microsoft Office 2016 Basics Quick Reference Card from TeachUcomp, Inc. This Microsoft Office 2016 cheat sheet is designed for users who are already familiar with the Microsoft Office 2016 suite of products, but need a quick tip on how to perform common