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Ignore a Conversation in Outlook: Overview             You can ignore a conversation in Outlook that you no longer want to see in your Inbox. This is a helpful feature if you are no longer a part of an email conversation. While this feature ignores any new emails in the conversation stream, it doesn’t block or

Check Spelling in OneNote: Overview             You can check spelling in OneNote to quickly identify and correct misspelled words in your notes. The “Spelling” feature works by identifying words in your notes that it thinks are misspelled. It then compares the words within the note to an internal dictionary. As you type, you may notice

Ignore a Conversation Thread in Outlook Web App: Overview             A conversation thread in the Outlook Web App is any response to an original email and further conversation that stems from the original email. When you ignore a conversation thread in Outlook Web App, you remove and ignore future messages that stem from the original