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The OneNote Interface- Tutorial

Thursday, 14 September 2017 by

The OneNote Interface: Overview             The picture below is of the OneNote interface shown when you start the OneNote application. When you start OneNote for the first time, the program opens a sample notebook called Personal. In the future when you start the application, the notebook you worked on last will open instead.             The

Insert Video in PowerPoint: Overview             You can insert video in PowerPoint within presentation slides. You can create video files with several different types of software. If you have a digital camcorder, you may have software that lets you save video as one of the files types accepted by PowerPoint. PowerPoint prefers “.mp4” videos encoded

Inserting Videos You can insert video files into your presentation slides. For example, you could take training videos that you have created and insert them into the presentation. You can create movie files with several different types of software, and if you have a digital camcorder, you may even have software that allows you to