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Merge and Split Table Cells in Publisher: Overview             After adding a table to a publication, you can merge and split table cells in Publisher to control its layout. You can merge multiple selected cells together into one larger cell. You can also split a single, selected cell into multiple, smaller cells. This is often

Rename List Items in QuickBooks Pro: Overview             There is no specific “Rename” command within the QuickBooks lists. So, to rename list items in QuickBooks Pro, open the “Edit ” window for the selected list item. Then type a new name for the entry into the “Name” field at the top of the window. The

Preview Results a Merge in Publisher: Overview             You can preview results of a merge in Publisher to see the results of a merge without actually sending the mail merge to a printer or even having to create another “output” publication for review. You will use the buttons in the “Preview Results” button group on

What is a Mail Merge? You can use the features in Word’s “Mailings” tab in the Ribbon to perform automated mailings, often referred to as performing a “mail merge.” When you use the mail merge feature in Word, you merge information from a table, called a “data source,” into designated fields in your document. For