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Ignore a Conversation in Outlook: Overview             You can ignore a conversation in Outlook that you no longer want to see in your Inbox. This is a helpful feature if you are no longer a part of an email conversation. While this feature ignores any new emails in the conversation stream, it doesn’t block or

Forward an Email in Outlook on the Web: Overview             You can forward an email in Outlook on the Web to send an email you received to another party. By default, when you forward an email in Outlook on the Web, you send a copy of the entire email. This includes the email you received

Forward a Message in Outlook: Overview             When you forward a message in Outlook, you send a copy of a message you received to another recipient. This is a useful way to send email you received to other people. When you forward an email, you send a copy of that email to a new recipient.

Reply to an Email in Outlook: Overview             To reply to an email in Outlook that you have received, select the message. Then double-click it to open it in a stand-alone window. Alternatively, single-click the email in the Inbox pane to open it in the Reading Pane.             If the message is open in the

Resend a Message in Outlook: Overview             You can resend a message in Outlook to quickly resend e-mail to a recipient. This is useful when a recipient of an email does not receive the email you sent. Instead of re-creating the entire email, you can simply resend the existing copy. Copies of emails you have

Send Attachments from OneDrive in Outlook Web App: Overview             Sometimes you will need to send attachments from OneDrive in Outlook Web App. Any time you want to send a person an electronic copy of a file, you send it as an attachment. For example, if you had to send a copy of your budget

Ignore a Conversation Thread in Outlook Web App: Overview             A conversation thread in the Outlook Web App is any response to an original email and further conversation that stems from the original email. When you ignore a conversation thread in Outlook Web App, you remove and ignore future messages that stem from the original

Mark Messages as Read or Unread in the Outlook Web App: Overview             When you open an email to read, it will be automatically marked as “Read” when you change to a new message or select another item, by default. You can adjust the “Mark as read” settings by clicking the Settings icon and choosing