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Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview Released on May 5th, 2015             The Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview has been released to the general public as of May 5th, 2015. Unlike the previous IT Pro and Developer Preview of Office 2016, this preview is not solely limited to Office 365 subscribers. The Microsoft Office 2016 public

Recover Unsaved Documents in Word 2013: Overview             A new feature in Word 2013 allows you to attempt to recover unsaved documents files. If you want to see if Word has automatically saved a copy of an unsaved document that you were working on, then select the “File” tab within the Ribbon and click the

A Tutorial on How to Create PDF Using Microsoft Office             This tutorial will show you how to create PDF using Microsoft Office 2013-2010. The information is taken from the complete Acrobat training titled “Mastering Acrobat Made Easy v.XI.” Acrobat makes it easy to convert Microsoft Office files into PDF files

              A Reference Guide Full of Office Tips             Many users who are already familiar with using the products contained in the Microsoft Office 2013 suite of products may only need a quick tip on how to perform common tasks. You can find many common