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The Organizer in Microsoft Project: Overview             The Organizer in Microsoft Project allows you to transfer views and other defined objects between opened project files. To do this, first open the project files between which you want to transfer the custom project file objects. Then click the “File” tab in the Ribbon and select the

Calendar View in Microsoft Project: Overview             The Calendar view in Microsoft Project displays the tasks within the project in a calendar style. The Calendar view in Microsoft Project can assist you in showing which tasks are scheduled for which days in a calendar layout. You can switch to this view of your project file

Enter Project Information in Microsoft Project: Overview             You can enter project information in Microsoft Project by clicking the “Project” tab in the Ribbon, and then clicking the “Project Information” button in the “Properties” button group after creating a new, blank project file. You can then set the basic parameters for the project file.            

Create New Projects in Microsoft Project: Overview             This tutorial shows you how to create new projects within Microsoft Project 2013 and 2010. When you first open Project 2013, you will see the startup screen that allows you to create a new project file. In Project 2010, a new blank project file is automatically created

Creating Tasks in Microsoft Project: Overview             In this blog post, we will examine creating tasks in Microsoft Project. After you have created your initial project file within Microsoft Project, you will need to enter the tasks that comprise the project. Simply put, you need to enter the actual work that needs to be done

Changing Views in Microsoft Project 2013:2010- Overview             When changing views in Microsoft Project, you have many different views of the project data available. The default view of a project file is called the “Gantt Chart” view of the project. This view displays the tasks associated with the currently displayed

Learn How to Create a New Base Calendar in Project: Overview             In Microsoft Project, base calendars, such as the “Standard” calendar or the “Night Shift” calendar, are the calendars you select when initially creating your project file to choose a default work availability schedule for the project. Sometimes, you may need to create a