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Use Data Entry Forms in Access: Overview             After creating data entry forms, you can use data entry forms in Access to edit, create, and navigate table records. Navigating within a data entry form is exactly like navigating through records in the datasheet view of a table.             You can use the “Tab” key on

Add Pictures to OneNote Pages: Overview             This tutorial shows how to add pictures to OneNote pages. To add pictures saved to your computer, display the OneNote page into which you want to insert an image. Then click the “Insert” tab in the Ribbon. Then click the “Pictures” button in the “Images” button group to

Recover Deleted Items in Outlook: Overview             You can recover deleted items in Outlook to restore items accidentally deleted from other Outlook folders. To recover deleted items in Outlook, click the items to restore within the “Deleted Items” folder to select them. To make multiple selections, hold down the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard. Then

Screen Clippings in OneNote: Overview             Screen clippings in OneNote let you capture an image of anything that is visible on your computer screen. You can then insert these screen clippings in OneNote into a notebook page.             To insert screen clippings in OneNote, first display the content you wish to clip. Then, open the

Using Layout Guides in Publisher: Overview             Layout guides in Publisher appear onscreen to help you stay within the printable page area. Margin guides are one type of layout guides in Publisher that you can use when designing publications. In this lesson, you will learn about the types of layout guides in Publisher you can

Virtual Desktops in Windows 10: Overview             You can use virtual desktops in Windows 10 to assist you in organizing apps and creating easily accessible app workspaces. To create multiple, virtual desktops, first open the apps you want to include in the first desktop. Then click the “Task view” button in the taskbar and click

Report Tables in Project 2013: Overview             Report tables in Project 2013 differ from tables in other Office applications, like Word, in that you cannot manually add information to them. Report tables in Project 2013 simply display selected information about the project. Report tables in Project 2013 use a data source for their display of

Moving and Resizing the Taskbar in Windows 8.1: Overview             This tutorial discusses moving and resizing the Taskbar in Windows 8.1 You can move the Taskbar to any side of the Desktop that you want. It appears at the bottom of the screen by default, but you can easily move it or resize it, if