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Add Text to Shapes in Publisher: Overview             You can add text to shapes in Publisher within a page. When you do this, Publisher converts the selected shape into a text box. However, because there are many shapes in Publisher, a text box does not have to be a literal box shape. Using this technique

Slide Transition Animation in PowerPoint: Overview             You can add slide transition animation in PowerPoint to your presentation slides. Slide transition animation in PowerPoint is the animation that occurs when you advance from slide to slide within the presentation. You have many options for controlling the effects of the slide transition animation in PowerPoint. For

Create a Note in OneNote: Overview             This lesson shows you how to create a note in OneNote. You can create a note in OneNote to store virtually any type of electronic information in a notebook This includes text, graphics, photos, web pages, audio clips, video clips, Excel spreadsheets and hyperlinks.             When you insert

For the complete tutorial click here.           Make Table Queries Have you ever run a query and wished that you could save the result set of the query as a permanent table? In Access, that is exactly what the “Make Table” queries do. A “Make Table” query creates a new table

Inserting Videos You can insert video files into your presentation slides. For example, you could take training videos that you have created and insert them into the presentation. You can create movie files with several different types of software, and if you have a digital camcorder, you may even have software that allows you to

Excel can store information in tables. An Excel table is information stored in a table format and defined as being a table within Excel. When you store information in a table format, you place the different types of information that you want to collect in columns, which are called “fields” in database terminology. Each “field”

Click here for the complete Oulook tutorial             Junk Email is any email that is unwanted by the receiver. It is usually sent in mass quantities to users and contains either unwanted advertising, viruses, spam, malware, phishing websites, or other potentially harmful information. It’s important that all users understand how

Microsoft Word allows you to insert various shapes into your document. For example, you could place a circle around important information in a document. If you use Word to create marketing fliers, newsletters, or other types of publications, you may want to insert various types of shapes to add visual interest to your documents.