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Open Images in Photoshop Elements: Overview             To open images in Photoshop Elements, select “File| Open…” from the Menu Bar. Doing that then launches the “Open” dialog box. Use this system dialog box to navigate to the folder in your computer’s file system within which to look for image files.             Once inside the folder

Open a Publication in Publisher 2010: Overview             To open a publication in Publisher 2010, you must first know where the publication you want to open is located. This location could be within a folder on your computer, a network folder, or perhaps located on some other type of removable media. Once you know where

Creating a New Publication When you first open Publisher 2013, you will see a startup screen that allows you to create a new publication. Click the type of publication that you want to create within the listing of available templates that appears at the right side of the startup screen. If you already have opened

  Opening a New Presentation 1. When you initially open PowerPoint, you can see a listing of recently opened presentations shown in the panel at the left side of the startup screen, under the “Recent” section.You can open one of these listed presentations by clicking on its name within the panel to reopen it. 2. To