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Create Cost Resources in Project: Overview             You can create cost resources in Project. Cost resources are different from work and material resources. Cost resources represent costs commonly incurred to complete various tasks within a project that are not directly tied to the amount of work performed or materials used.             For example, if you

Split Tasks in Project: Overview             This tutorial shows you how to split tasks in Project to account for interruptions to task work. Despite your best efforts in planning, inevitably, there are times when task work is interrupted. This may happen due to an unplanned event or even a task reprioritization. Either way, you can

View Resource Allocation in Project: Overview             You can view resource allocation in Project as you complete the work on your project file. This lets you monitor your resource allocation. You may be under-using resources that you could otherwise utilize, which is called underallocating resources. Perhaps more importantly, you may also accidentally be overallocating resources.

View Project Costs in Microsoft Project: Overview             This lesson shows you how to view project costs in Microsoft Project. Monitoring project costs is a very important aspect of many projects. You can see much of the cost data you need to monitor in the “Cost” table of your project file. You can switch the

Set Task Lead and Lag Time in Project: Overview             You can edit relationship links between project file tasks to set task lead and lag time in Project. For example, you could allow a day of lag time to pass between tasks. Alternatively, you could also allow for lead time. This is where you begin

Set Task Duration in Project: Overview             You can easily set task duration for each task in a project file. This duration can be measured in any unit of time, from minutes to months. Most often, it is measured in terms of hours, days, or weeks.             You can set task duration in Project within

New Project 2016 Tutorial Now Available from TeachUcomp, Inc.             TeachUcomp, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our new Project 2016 tutorial, “Mastering Project Made Easy v.2016-2013.” This tutorial provides training on the project management software called Microsoft Project. This comprehensive Project 2016 tutorial provides over 100 video lessons and PDF instructional materials.

The Organizer in Microsoft Project: Overview             The Organizer in Microsoft Project allows you to transfer views and other defined objects between opened project files. To do this, first open the project files between which you want to transfer the custom project file objects. Then click the “File” tab in the Ribbon and select the