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Bounced Checks in QuickBooks Pro: Overview             There is an easy way to handle bounced checks in QuickBooks Pro you receive from customers as invoice payments. This method also works to handle bounced checks in QuickBooks received as payments in sales receipts. This feature marks the previously paid invoice or sales receipt as “Unpaid” and

Record a Macro in Excel: Overview              You can easily record a macro in Excel. Macros are small programs that record your actions as you perform a task in Excel. The actions are then saved as a Visual Basic Module, which is a type of program. When you run the macro later, it repeats your

Use Data Entry Forms in Access: Overview             After creating data entry forms, you can use data entry forms in Access to edit, create, and navigate table records. Navigating within a data entry form is exactly like navigating through records in the datasheet view of a table.             You can use the “Tab” key on

Add Records to a Table in Datasheet View in Access: Overview             This tutorial shows you how to add records to a table in datasheet view in Access. In datasheet view in Microsoft Access, there is a blank row at the bottom of the table. This row also contains an asterisk (*) in the row

Record a Slide Show in PowerPoint: Overview             To record a slide show in PowerPoint, you must have an internal or external computer microphone. When you record a slide show in PowerPoint, you advance through the slides in Slide Show view while narrating it. This saves the narration with the slides. In the future, you

Record the Screen in PowerPoint: Overview             You can record the screen in PowerPoint and add it, with or without audio, to a presentation, by using the “Screen Recording” command. This is helpful if you want to add a demonstration of a specific program into your presentation. To record audio associated with your screen recording,

The Record Sort Expert You can use the “Record Sort Expert” to sort the report data. When you sort a report, you can choose by which fields the data is sorted and in what order. To sort the displayed data, you can either click the “Record Sort Expert” button in the Experts toolbar, or you

In recent years, many financial scandals have come to light in the media. Companies such as Enron, WorldCom, and AIG have experienced significant scandals due to unethical and sometimes illegal accounting practices. It is important for companies to prepare financial statements correctly and legally to avoid punishment, but also to have an honest relationship with