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Rename a Field in a Table in Access: Overview             You can rename a field in a table in Access that you have already created. You should be extremely careful when you do this! This is because any changes you make to field names are not necessarily updated in all the previously created objects. This

Rename List Items in QuickBooks Pro: Overview             There is no specific “Rename” command within the QuickBooks lists. So, to rename list items in QuickBooks Pro, open the “Edit ” window for the selected list item. Then type a new name for the entry into the “Name” field at the top of the window. The

Rename Photos in the Organizer in Photoshop Elements: Overview             You can rename photos in the Organizer in Photoshop Elements. An important part of organizing media files is giving the files names that easily let you find them when needed. You should rename files to give them a unique name that easily shows their content.