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Change Orders in Sage 50: Overview             Change orders in Sage 50 let you change the estimated revenue and/or expense amounts of existing jobs. You can also use change orders in Sage 50 to change the projected end date of a job. Note, however, that change orders in Sage 50 can only be created for

In small business accounting, some concepts can be trickier than simply recording assets, liabilities, and transactions. Some companies receive advances in payments before actual services are performed. In accounting, this is called Unearned Revenue. Unearned revenue must be reported in order for companies to comply with GAAP* principles. When the company receives an advance, it

In recent years, many financial scandals have come to light in the media. Companies such as Enron, WorldCom, and AIG have experienced significant scandals due to unethical and sometimes illegal accounting practices. It is important for companies to prepare financial statements correctly and legally to avoid punishment, but also to have an honest relationship with