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TeachUcomp, Inc. is Included in the National Registry of CPE Sponsors             TeachUcomp, Inc. now offers NASBA approved CPE courses. We are a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. Therefore, all 50 states now accept our NASBA approved CPE courses for CPE credit. This also includes many inhabited U.S.

While the main purpose of Twitter is following celebrities or keeping in touch with friends, Twitter is also powerful for businesses looking to gain attention, increase product marketing, and to increase search engine optimization. In order to have a strong social media strategy, Twitter should be included in the overall plan. In this post, we will

Excel can store information in tables. An Excel table is information stored in a table format and defined as being a table within Excel. When you store information in a table format, you place the different types of information that you want to collect in columns, which are called “fields” in database terminology. Each “field”

Adobe has been in tech news a lot lately due to changes with their software. In the past 6 months, Adobe made the decision to no longer sell perpetual software licenses. Also, Adobe released and began heavily marketing their subscription only software service- Creative Cloud. Adobe’s CEO has given many reasons for this switch- innovation,

When it comes to having a social media campaign, most businesses have Facebook front and center. However, strong Facebook pages are hard to find- especially with smaller businesses.  A strong social media presence is critical to SEO and social marketing efforts. In this post, we will discuss how to improve your company Facebook page in

A large part of a manager’s job is planning. Budgets are the main tool managers use for planning and for having financial control in a business. A budget is defined as a formal written statement of a manager’s plans for a time period in financial terms. In this post, we will give some tips and

Even if managers aren’t actively filling out financial information, it’s important that they have a firm grasp on rules and standards for filling out financial information. Also, understanding financial information itself  is critical for managers to make informed decisions. In this post, we will discuss the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and its implications on businesses and managers.

Golden Rules of Customer Service

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At TeachUcomp, Inc., you can count on exceptional customer service. Our staff is immersed in a culture of honesty, hard work and a commitment to your complete satisfaction. We live by a set of “Golden Rules” on how we treat each of our customers. We want you to understand who we are and what type of