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Save a Presentation Template in PowerPoint: Overview             You can save a presentation template in PowerPoint after customizing it by adding the desired slide masters and slide layouts. After you save a presentation template in PowerPoint, you can use it to create new presentations in the future.             To save a presentation template in PowerPoint,

Change Templates in Publisher: Overview             You can change templates in Publisher to switch a publication’s layout and page design. The ability to change templates in Publisher helps when starting from a blank page design. It lets you change the blank page template to a selected type of publication template, before adding text and pictures.

Create a Template in OneNote: Overview             You can create a template in OneNote from pages you make or from existing templates you modify. To create a template in OneNote, navigate to the page you want to use to create the template. Then open the “Templates” pane. To do this, click the “Page Templates” button

The Organizer in Microsoft Project: Overview             The Organizer in Microsoft Project allows you to transfer views and other defined objects between opened project files. To do this, first open the project files between which you want to transfer the custom project file objects. Then click the “File” tab in the Ribbon and select the

Need more Crystal Reports training? Click here for the complete tutorial.                 How to create a report template You can create a report template that has no defined connection to data sources, but can be used to apply report formatting and layout. To do this, first create a

Need more OneNote training? Click here to view the complete tutorial.                   Applying Templates and Stationery OneNote provides several templates that you can apply to your pages that help you stay organized, create visual interest and even add continuity to your notebook pages. It’s important to know that

Microsoft Excel contains law firm templates that can be used by law firms, attorneys, lawyers, and anyone who practices law. In this post, we will cover the usage of the Law Firm Financial Analysis Worksheet.             Using the Law Firm Financial Analysis Worksheet Let’s examine the structure and usage of