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Standalone Macros in Access: Overview             Standalone macros in Access are programs you create in a visual environment. In Access, standalone macros run a series of actions in a specified order. Unlike embedded macros, standalone macros in Access appear as separate objects under the “Macros” category in the database’s Navigation Pane.             Standalone macros in

Excel Training Tutorial Introduction             This blog post is a free online Excel training tutorial. Excel is one of the most used spreadsheet software today. You use Excel to create powerful worksheets that can manipulate numbers for you. It is a very powerful program, and has many advanced features that can automate and simplify your

Click here for the complete tutorial             Cropping Images Cropping allows you to trim away parts of an image that are unnecessary, which can enhance the composition of your image. You can crop an image using the “Crop Tool” in the Toolbox, which has the most options for cropping available

Because of the increased use of tablets, the products within Microsoft Office 2013 have been redesigned with a new mode to allow for easier access to the buttons and other commands within the Ribbon and Quick Access toolbar. This mode is called touch mode. When you enter touch mode within any product interface in the