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How to Move and Resize the Taskbar in Windows 7

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How to Move and Resize the Taskbar in Windows 7: Video

This video lesson, titled “Moving & Resizing the Windows Taskbar,” shows how to resize and move the Taskbar in Windows 7. Need more Windows training? Click here for the complete tutorial.

Moving and Resizing the Windows Taskbar: Overview

You can customize the Windows desktop environment to suit your needs and create an efficient and organized workspace. You can move the Windows Taskbar to any side of the desktop that you want. It is placed at the bottom of the screen by default, but you can easily move it or resize it if needed. Let’s look at how you can control the appearance of the Windows Taskbar.

Right-click anywhere in the taskbar and look for “Lock the Taskbar.” If there is a check in front of “Lock the Taskbar,” this will lock it in place and not allow it to be moved until the check is taken off. Click on “Lock the Taskbar” to remove the check.

If you have the taskbar unlocked, you can click and drag the Windows Taskbar from its current location and drop it at any one of the sides of the screen. You may resize it by placing your mouse pointer over the edge of the Windows Taskbar until you see a double-pointed arrow appear. You can then click and drag to make the Windows Taskbar taller or shorter. If you accidentally resize it all the way to the bottom of the desktop, simply hold your mouse pointer over the bottom edge of the desktop until you see the top half of the double-pointed resizing icon appear. Click and drag upward to restore the Windows Taskbar.

Once you have made any modifications that you want to keep, right-click on the blank area in the Windows Taskbar again, and select the “Lock the Taskbar” command to lock the taskbar back into place.

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