Adobe Photoshop Elements 2024 Quick Reference Guide

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2024 Introductory Quick Reference Guide

Subject: Photoshop Elements
Version: 2024
Level: Introductory
Topics Covered: 30
Pages: 2
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11″
Availability: Printed & Laminated or PDF Download
Price: $3.95     Quantity Discounts Available
ISBN: 978-1-958446-23-2

Product Description

Designed with the busy professional in mind, this two-page quick reference guide provides step-by-step instructions in the basic features of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2024. When you need an answer fast, you will find it right at your fingertips. Clear and easy-to-use, quick reference cards are perfect for individuals, businesses and as supplemental training materials. With 30 topics covered, this guide is ideal for someone new to Photoshop Elements.

Topics Covered:

Interface Basics
Understanding and Launching the Application

Application Basics
Switching Between the Organizer, the Photo Editor and Edit Modes
Making Adjustments in Quick Mode
Using Guided Edit Mode

The Organizer
Importing Images
Viewing Images
Sorting, Renaming, & Finding Files
Opening a File From the Organizer

Editor File Management
Opening, Saving, and Closing Files
Creating a New File

Understanding Layers
Managing Layers in the Layers Panel

Image Editing in Expert Mode
About Tool Options & The Photo Bin
Setting Tool Options
Selecting Colors

Panning Layer Content
Zooming In and Out

Selecting and Moving Layer Content
Making Pixel Selections
Using the Selection Brush Tool
Using the Quick Selection Tool

Fixing Red Eye
Cloning Content
Healing Imperfections
Adding Text

Straightening an Image
Cropping an Image
Resizing an Image
Rotating and Flipping an Image