Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference Guide

Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference Guide

  Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference Guide
Subject: Excel
Versions:  PC/Windows
Shortcuts: 210
Pages: 2
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11″
Availability: Printed & Laminated or PDF Download
Price: $3.95     Quantity Discounts Available
ISBN: 978-1-958446-16-4

Product Description

Designed with the busy professional in mind, this 2-page quick reference guide provides 210 keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel for PC/Windows.  When you need to find a shortcut, you will find it right at your fingertips with this Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference Guide. Clear and easy-to-use, quick reference cards are perfect for individuals, businesses and as supplemental training materials.

Shortcuts Included:

Close Excel
Close workbook
Copy screen to clipboard
Copy selection
Copy window to clipboard
Cut selection
Delete column
Delete row
Delete worksheet
Insert column
Insert row
Insert worksheet
Maximize/restore workbook window
Minimize workbook window
Open context menu
Open workbook
Paste selection
Redo/Repeat action
Save As dialog box
Save workbook
Switch between open Excel windows
Toggle Full Screen mode
Turn Key Tips On/Off
Undo action

Data, Functions, and Formula Bar
Calculate active worksheet
Calculate all worksheets in open workbooks
Cancel an entry in cell or formula bar
Clear cell content (data and formulas)
Clear content of active cell
Complete cell entry/move one cell down
Complete cell entry/move one cell left
Complete cell entry/move one cell right
Complete cell entry/move one cell up
Copy formula from cell above active cell
Copy value of cell above active cell
Create chart of data in current range in new sheet
Create embedded chart of data in current range
Create, run, edit, or delete macro
Cycle absolute and relative references in formula
Define name to use in references
Delete text to end of line
Display Create Table dialog box
Display Error Checking menu/message
Display Quick Analysis for selected cells
Edit active cell
Enter current date
Enter current time
Expand or collapse formula bar
Fill Down
Fill selected cell range with current entry
Flash Fill
Insert AutoSum formula
Insert function
Move cursor to end of text in formula bar
Move one character up/down/left/right
Move to beginning of line
Move to first field in next record of data form
Open Power Query Editor
Open Visual Basic For Applications Editor
Paste name from Paste Name dialog box
Refresh external data in workbook
Refresh external data in worksheet
Select in formula bar (cursor to end)
Start new line in same cell
Stop refreshing external data
Turn formula checking tooltips on/off

Formatting Cells
Add borders
Add outline border to selected cells
Align Bottom
Align Center
Align Left
Align Middle
Align Right
Align Top
Apply Currency format
Apply Date format
Apply General number format
Apply Number format
Apply Percentage format
Apply Scientific number format
Apply Time format
Bold text or remove bold formatting
Choose fill color
Choose font
Choose font color
Choose font size
Display or hide outline symbols
Format fonts in Format Cells dialog
Hide selected columns
Hide selected rows
Insert a note or open and edit cell note
Insert or open threaded comment
Italicize text or remove italic formatting
Open Delete dialog box
Open Format Cells dialog box
Open Insert hyperlink dialog box
Open Insert dialog box
Open Paste Special dialog box
Open Style dialog box
Open Workbook Statistics dialog box
Remove outline border
Show/hide objects
Strikethrough text or remove strikethrough
Switch cell values/formulas display
Underline text or remove underline
Unhide columns
Unhide rows

Cycle through floating shapes
Exit floating shape navigation
Move one cell down
Move one cell left
Move one cell right
Move one cell up
Move one screen down in worksheet
Move one screen left in worksheet
Move one screen right in worksheet
Move one screen up in worksheet
Move to beginning of row
Move to beginning of worksheet
Move to edge of data region
Move to last cell in worksheet
Move to next sheet in workbook
Move to previous sheet in workbook
Open cell data validation list
Scroll horizontally
Zoom in
Zoom out

Paste Special Dialog Box
Open Paste Special dialog box
Paste all cell contents and formatting
Paste all cell contents using source theme
Paste all cell contents without borders
Paste only column widths
Paste only comments and notes attached to cell
Paste only copied formatting
Paste only data validation settings
Paste only formulas and number formats
Paste only formulas as entered in formula bar
Paste only values (not formulas)
Paste only values and number formats

Pivot Tables
Create pivot table
Group pivot table items
Hide (filter out) pivot table item
Insert pivot chart
Select entire pivot table
Ungroup pivot table items
Unhide (clear filter on) pivot table item

Power Pivot
Close a dialog box or cancel a process
Copy selected data
Delete table
Move table
Move to first cell of selected column
Move to first cell of selected row
Move to first cell of selected table
Move to last cell of selected column
Move to last cell of selected row
Move to last cell of selected table
Move to next table
Move to previous table
Open AutoFilter Menu dialog box
Open context menu of cell/column/row
Open Go To dialog box
Recalculate all formulas in Power Pivot window
Redo last action
Rename table
Save file
Select current column
Select current row
Select entire table
Undo last action

Activate access keys of active tab
Activate selected button
Expand or collapse the ribbon
Move among items on the ribbon
Move between ribbon commands
Move to next command group
Move to next command in menu
Move to Search field in the ribbon
Move to submenu of selected menu command
Open a context menu
Open list for selected command
Open menu for selected button
Open the File menu
Open the Formulas tab
Open the Home tab
Open the Insert tab
Open the Page Layout tab
Open the Data tab
Open the Review tab
Open the View tab
Select first command of visible menu
Show tooltip for element in focus

Select active cell only
Select all objects when one is selected
Select current and next sheet
Select current and previous sheet
Select current region around active cell
Select entire column
Select entire row
Select entire worksheet
Turn extend mode on or off

Selections: Extending a Selection
By one cell
One screen down
One screen up
To beginning of row
To beginning of worksheet
To last cell in column/row
To last used cell