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Course Title: Mastering Introductory JavaScript Made Easy
Hours of Content: 6
Video Lessons: 128
Manual: 283 Pages
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Course Description

Learn Introductory JavaScript with this video course from TeachUcomp, Inc. Mastering Introductory JavaScript Made Easy features 128 video lessons with 6 hours of instruction. Watch, listen and learn as your expert instructor guides you through each lesson step-by-step. During this media-rich learning experience, you will see each function performed just as if your instructor were there with you. Reinforce your learning with the text of our printable classroom instruction manual, additional images and practice exercises. You will learn the JavaScript language from scratch, while exploring all of the techniques to add the various elements to your website.

The purpose of this course is to educate the student in the basic language skills necessary to use JavaScript. There are many resources available on the Internet that allow you to download code and place it into your HTML document or JavaScript code file. However, it is important to first understand the underlying language and components of JavaScript to be able to alter the code to work in your desired application, and easily troubleshoot any errors that may occur. Whether you are looking to add interactivity to your website, control how a browser acts or alter your HTML document’s content, it is important to have a firm grasp of the basics of JavaScript. We begin this course by discussing the basic components and structure of JavaScript as well as learning the terminology. Then, we’ll advance through topics to cover some more advanced concepts and uses for JavaScript.

If you are completely new to JavaScript, or just need a refresher, this course will empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a proficient user of JavaScript. We have incorporated years of classroom training experience and teaching techniques to develop an easy-to-use course that you can customize to meet your personal learning needs. Simply launch the easy-to-use interface, click to start a video lesson or open the manual and you’re on your way to mastering JavaScript.

Course Syllabus & Sample Lessons

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To view samples of the instruction manuals in PDF, click here: Introductory JavaScript

CHAPTER 1- Getting Acquainted with JavaScript
Lesson 1.1- Introduction to JavaScript
Lesson 1.2- JavaScript vs. Java
Lesson 1.3- The <SCRIPT>…</SCRIPT> Tag
Lesson 1.4- External JavaScript
Lesson 1.5- Uses for JavaScript
CHAPTER 2- The Makeup of JavaScript
Lesson 2.1- JavaScript Statements
Lesson 2.2- Code and Code Blocks free
Lesson 2.3- Whitespace
Lesson 2.4- Case Sensitivity
Lesson 2.5- Breaking Up a Line of Code
CHAPTER 3- JavaScript Comments
Lesson 3.1- Single Line Comments
Lesson 3.2- Multi-Line Comments
Lesson 3.3- End of Line Comments
Lesson 3.4- Using Comments to Stop Execution free
CHAPTER 4- JavaScript Variables
Lesson 4.1- What are JavaScript Variables?
Lesson 4.2- Syntax for Text and Numerical Values
Lesson 4.3- Creating (Declaring) Variables
Lesson 4.4- Re-Declaring Variables
Lesson 4.5- Undefined Value
Lesson 4.6- Using One Statement for Multiple Variables
Lesson 4.7- Local Variables and Global Variables free
CHAPTER 5- Exploring JavaScript Data Types
Lesson 5.1- Dynamic Data Types in JavaScript
Lesson 5.2- Null
Lesson 5.3- Number
Lesson 5.4- String
Lesson 5.5- Boolean
Lesson 5.6- Array free
Lesson 5.7- Object
CHAPTER 6- JavaScript Objects
Lesson 6.1- Creating Objects
Lesson 6.2- Accessing Object Properties
Lesson 6.3- Accessing Object Methods
CHAPTER 7- JavaScript Functions
Lesson 7.1- JavaScript Function Definition and Syntax free
Lesson 7.2- Functions with a Return Value
Lesson 7.3- Calling a Function with Arguments
Lesson 7.4- Assigning Values to Undeclared Variables
CHAPTER 8- JavaScript Functions
Lesson 8.1- Arithmetic Operators
Lesson 8.2- Assignment Operators
Lesson 8.3- Adding Strings and Numbers
Lesson 8.4- Comparison Operators
Lesson 8.5- Logical Operators
Lesson 8.6- Conditional Operators
CHAPTER 9- JavaScript Conditions
Lesson 9.1- If Statements
Lesson 9.2- The Switch Statement
CHAPTER 10- JavaScript Loops
Lesson 10.1- The FOR Loop
Lesson 10.2- The FOR…IN Loop
Lesson 10.3- The WHILE Loop
Lesson 10.4- The DO…WHILE Loop
CHAPTER 11- JavaScript Break and Continue
Lesson 11.1- The Break Statement
Lesson 11.2- The Continue Statement
Lesson 11.3- JavaScript Labels
CHAPTER 12- JavaScript Errors
Lesson 12.1- The Try…Catch Statement
Lesson 12.2- The Throw Statement
CHAPTER 13- JavaScript Form Validation
Lesson 13.1- Form Validation
Lesson 13.2- E-Mail Validation
CHAPTER 14- JavaScript RegExp Object
Lesson 14.1- RegExp Definition and Modifiers
Lesson 14.2- RegExp Special Characters
Lesson 14.3- RegExp Methods
CHAPTER 15- JavaScript Hoisting
Lesson 15.1- Declarations
Lesson 15.2- Initializations
CHAPTER 16- JavaScript USE STRICT Directive
Lesson 16.1- What is the USE STRICT Directive and Why Use It?
Lesson 16.2- What’s Not Allowed in STRICT Mode?
Lesson 17.1- What is HTML DOM?
Lesson 17.2- HTML DOM Methods and Properties
Lesson 17.3- HTML DOM Document
Lesson 17.4- Finding HTML Elements
Lesson 17.5- Changing the Output Stream
Lesson 17.6- Changing the Value of an Attribute
Lesson 17.7- Changing CSS
Lesson 18.1- Using Events
Lesson 18.2- The ONCHANGE Event
CHAPTER 19- HTML DOM Navigation
Lesson 19.1- DOM Nodes
Lesson 19.2- Node Relationships
Lesson 19.3- Child Nodes and Values
Lesson 19.4- NODE…Properties
Lesson 19.5- HTML DOM Nodelist
Lesson 19.6- Root Nodes
CHAPTER 20- Adding and Removing DOM Nodes
Lesson 20.1- Creating New HTML Elements (Nodes)
Lesson 20.2- Removing Existing HTML Elements (Nodes)
Lesson 20.3- Replacing HTML Elements (Nodes)
CHAPTER 21- JavaScript Browser Object Mode (BOM)
Lesson 21.1- What is the Browser Object Mode (BOM)?
Lesson 21.2- The Window Object
Lesson 21.3- Window Size Properties
Lesson 21.4- Other Window Methods and Properties
CHAPTER 22- Window Screen Object
Lesson 22.1- What Does the Window Screen Object Do?
Lesson 22.2- Window Screen Object Properties
CHAPTER 23- Window Location Object
Lesson 23.1- What Does the Window Location Object Do?
Lesson 23.2- Window Location HREF Property
Lesson 23.3- Window Location PATHNAME Property
Lesson 23.4- Window Location ASSIGN() Method
CHAPTER 24- Window History Object
Lesson 24.1- What Does the Window History Object Do?
Lesson 24.2- Window History Back and Forward Methods
CHAPTER 25- Window Navigator Object
Lesson 25.1- What Does the Window Navigator Object Do?
CHAPTER 26- JavaScript Popup Boxes
Lesson 26.1- The Alert Box
Lesson 26.2- The Confirm Box
Lesson 26.3- The Prompt Box
CHAPTER 27- JavaScript Timing Events
Lesson 27.1- What are JavaScript Timing Events?
Lesson 27.2- SETINTERNAL() and CLEARINTERNAL() Methods
Lesson 27.3- SETTIMEOUT() and CLEARTIMEOUT() Methods
Lesson 27.4- Creating a Clock
CHAPTER 28- JavaScript Cookies
Lesson 28.1- What are Cookies?
Lesson 28.2- Working with Cookies
CHAPTER 29- The JavaScript Console Object
Lesson 29.1- The Console Object
Lesson 29.2- Inline Grouping
Lesson 29.3- Timers
Lesson 29.4- String Substitution
CHAPTER 30- Advanced JavaScript Objects
Lesson 30.1- The Object Literal and the Keyword New
Lesson 30.2- Using an Object Constructor
Lesson 30.3- JavaScript Prototype
Lesson 30.4- Mutable Objects and Immutable Primitive Values
Lesson 30.5- JavaScript Object Properties
Lesson 30.6- Adding New Properties and Deleting Properties
CHAPTER 31- Number Object
Lesson 31.1- What is a Number Object?
Lesson 31.2- Hexadecimal Numbers
Lesson 31.3- NaN – Not a Number
Lesson 31.4- Infinity
CHAPTER 32- String Object
Lesson 32.1- Using the String Object
Lesson 32.2- String Properties and Methods
Lesson 32.3- Special Characters
CHAPTER 33- Date Object
Lesson 33.1- The Date Object
Lesson 33.2- Set and Compare Dates
Lesson 33.3- Convert the Date to a String
CHAPTER 34- Array Object
Lesson 34.1- Create and Access an Array
Lesson 34.2- Joining Arrays
Lesson 34.3- Working with Arrays
CHAPTER 35- Math Object
Lesson 35.1- The Math Object and Mathematical Constants
Lesson 35.2- Math Object Methods
CHAPTER 36- JavaScript Libraries (Frameworks)
Lesson 36.1- JavaScript Libraries or Frameworks
Lesson 36.2- Testing jQuery

JavaScript Training Course Overview

During this 6 hour video training course, our expert instructor will teach you the basics of the JavaScript programming language.  The course is designed to provide a complete overview of how to use JavaScript within your website. This JavaScript tutorial covers the same material as our classroom training and was designed to provide a solid foundation the language.

Course includes video lessons, printable instruction manual, a practice exam with evaluative feedback (find out why your answers are right or wrong), your final exam submission, and a course certificate of completion.

At TeachUcomp, Inc., you choose how you want your JavaScript training delivered.

Online subscriptions offer the most flexibility and value. With online training, you can access your courses anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection (including all new releases and updates). Your subscription grants you instant access to ALL of our courses for one low price. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. You may choose between a monthly or annual plan.

Courses are also available individually via digital download and online for a one-time charge.

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