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How to Install Windows Updates in Windows 7

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How to Install Windows Updates in Windows 7: Video

This video shows you how to install updates in Windows 7. For training in Windows: click here

How to Install Windows Updates in Windows 7: Overview

With Windows Updates, Windows routinely checks for updates that can help protect your computer against the latest security threats for your version of Windows. You can also configure it to look for updates to other Microsoft software, as well. When Windows updates are enabled, you can select when Windows should check to see if there are new updates, and what it should do when it finds them. For many users, it is best to turn on “Automatic Updates,” so that you don’t have to search for updates online or worry that critical fixes might be missing. Windows automatically downloads and installs them using a schedule that you determine. If you prefer to download and install updates yourself, you can set up “Windows Updates” to simply notify you whenever any high-priority updates become available.

To configure your Windows Updates, you must be logged on as a computer administrator. Then click “Start| Control Panel.”

If using Windows 7, click the “System and Security” hyperlink. In the next window that appears, you can then click the “Turn automatic updating on or off” hyperlink underneath the “Windows Update” section. If using Windows Vista, click “Security” and then click “Windows Update.” To change the configuration of Windows Update, click the “Change Settings” hyperlink at the left side of the window.

To enable automatic updates, select the “Install updates automatically (recommended)” option. Next to the text “Install new updates:,” select the day and time you want Windows to install updates.

You can also check the “Recommended updates” checkbox and the “Microsoft Update” checkbox to enable installation of recommended, but not critical, updates and to broaden the update service to look for updates to all Microsoft products on your PC, respectively. Once you have set your desired updating options, click the “OK” button to apply them.