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Create a Quick Note in OneNote: Overview             You can easily create a Quick Note in OneNote. The Quick Notes section is a holding area for content you haven’t yet put into an organizational structure. It also holds content you send to OneNote from other programs. Therefore, a Quick Note is not attached to any

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016 by

Buy OneNote 2016 Training- Now Available from TeachUcomp, Inc.             TeachUcomp, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our newest tutorial, “Mastering OneNote Made Easy v.2016-2013.” This tutorial provides training on using the Microsoft OneNote software program. This comprehensive OneNote 2016 training provides over 60 video lessons and PDF instructional materials. You can buy

Today, Microsoft announced that the software program OneNote is now available for Mac, is free everywhere, and is service powered, now providing a cloud API. OneNote (an electroinc note taking and organizational program) is now available on all platforms: PC, Mac, Windows tablets, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android, and the Web. And they are always in