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Depreciation: Overview             Most companies own assets that have long useful lives. These can take the form of buildings, equipment, and vehicles. As explained in previous lessons, companies must follow the cost principle of GAAP (recording assets at cost). In order to allocate the cost of using the asset over a length of time, companies

Account Reconciliation in Peachtree: Overview             You can perform account reconciliation for any account in Peachtree using the “Account Reconciliation” window. This window shows your uncleared transactions that have affected the account balance through the end of the current accounting period. You can use this information to then reconcile the transactions in Peachtree with your

Introduction to Financial Statements: Overview             This tutorial gives you an introduction to financial statements commonly used in accounting. There are multiple ways to communicate with users through financial statements. It is important to pick the correct statement in order to best communicate with the appropriate user.             Listed below are some important financial statements,

Set Up Sales Tax in Sage 50: Overview             You use a two-part process to set up sales tax in Sage 50. First, you have to set up sales tax authorities that you will use. Second, you must set up sales tax codes using the sales tax authorities. Sales Tax Authorities are the tax rates

The Proposals Window in Sage 50: Overview             The Proposals window in Sage 50 Premium Accounting is used to create a proposal of goods and/or services for a customer. If the customer accepts the proposal, you can mark the proposal as “Accepted,” so that the items can be transferred to invoices, as needed, by using

QuickBooks Training Tutorial Introduction             This blog post is a free online QuickBooks training tutorial. QuickBooks is one of the most used accounting software today. You use QuickBooks Pro to create invoices, track sales, and stay on top of your expenses. The skills that you learn can save valuable time and money.        

Need more Peachtree training? Click here for the complete tutorial.                 The Cash Manager The “Cash Manager” is available only in the Peachtree Accounting or higher. It has been reformatted in 2009, while in Peachtree 2003-2008 it resembled the other managers, like the “Collection Manager” or the “Payment Manager.”

Need more training? Click here for the complete tutorial.                   Setting Up a Job In Peachtree, you can set up “Jobs” for each client. You can then track income and expenses for specific projects, including payroll hours or amounts. There are advantages to using jobs. You can