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Format a PivotTable in Excel: Overview             You can apply preset styles to format a PivotTable in Excel. To format a PivotTable in Excel, click into any cell in the PivotTable. Then click the “Design” tab of the “PivotTable Tools” contextual tab within the Ribbon. Then click the desired style to apply from the listing

Create a PivotChart in Excel: Overview             When you create a PivotChart in Excel, you can show the data from an associated PivotTable in a graphic format. You can create a PivotChart in Excel along with an associated PivotTable. You can then manipulate the PivotChart data in the same way you

Goal Seek in Excel: Overview             You can use Goal Seek in Excel when you know the result you want a formula to return, but do not know the value needed to create the desired result. Anytime you have a situation where you know the result that you need to obtain, but are unsure of

Use a Top 10 AutoFilter in Excel: Overview             You can use a Top 10 AutoFilter in Excel to show a specified number of the top or bottom percent or items in a field within the table. When you use a Top 10 AutoFilter in Excel, it defaults to showing the top 10 percent of

Timeline Options in Excel: Overview             This lesson shows you how to set timeline options in Excel. After inserting a timeline, an “Options” tab within a new “Timeline Tools” contextual tab then appears in the Ribbon. This tab appears within the Ribbon any time you have the timeline selected within the worksheet. You use the

Function Compatibility in Excel: Overview             Function compatibility in Excel supports older functions that have been replaced by newer versions of those functions. Starting in Excel 2013, some older formula functions have been replaced with new versions. These replacements occur to increase their accuracy and to better reflect their purpose. These new, more accurate statistical

Inserting and Deleting Worksheets in Excel: Overview             In this tutorial, you will learn about inserting and deleting worksheets in Excel. Inserting and deleting worksheets in Excel is a critical skill to possess when working within a workbook in Excel.             To insert a single new worksheet at the end of the current listing of

Workbook Protection in Excel- Tutorial             When you apply workbook protection in Excel, you prevent changes to the workbook’s structure and its windows. Applying the windows workbook protection prevents people from changing the size or shape of the workbook window. Applying structural workbook protection prevents people from adding, deleting, hiding or moving worksheets within the