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Adding signatures to emails in Outlook 2013 can make your messages look professional, while saving you time and effort. In this post, we will explore how to create your own custom signatures and insert them into your e-mail.             1. Click the “Insert” tab in the Ribbon of the “Message”

Tables can have many purposes in Word. You can use tables to manipulate data like a spreadsheet program, you can use them to simply store data, or you can use them to assist you in structuring the layout of content within a document. In this post, we will show you two methods for inserting tables

Excel is a multi-featured worksheet program in which you can create powerful worksheets that can manipulate numbers for you. It is a very powerful program, and has many advanced features that can automate and simplify your work. Whether you want it to create charts, worksheets, or data sources, Excel can assist you in accomplishing your

Click here for the complete PowerPoint 2013 training               You can use slide masters in PowerPoint to determine the default layout and appearance of presentation slides. When you add presentation slides and apply a slide layout, the slide is formatted according to the slide master’s specifications. Each slide master

Adding a table of contents to a long document such as a report or a formal paper is a nice touch to help readers find information. In this post we will show the step by step process it takes to create a table of contents in Microsoft Word 2013.