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Tuesday, 20 September 2016 by

Buy Microsoft Office 2016 Training- Now Available from TeachUcomp, Inc.             TeachUcomp, Inc. announces that our newest tutorial, “Mastering Microsoft Office Made Easy v.2016-2013,” is now available! You can buy Microsoft Office 2016 training to learn how to use the Microsoft Office 2016 software programs. It shows how to use the software programs Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook,

Create a Template in OneNote: Overview             You can create a template in OneNote from pages you make or from existing templates you modify. To create a template in OneNote, navigate to the page you want to use to create the template. Then open the “Templates” pane. To do this, click the “Page Templates” button

Insert Audio and Videos into OneNote Pages: Overview             OneNote lets you insert audio and videos into OneNote pages. The process to insert audio and videos into OneNote pages is the same. First, open the page and click in the area where you want to insert the file. Then click the “Insert” tab in the

Sync Notebooks in OneNote: Overview             By default, you sync notebooks in OneNote automatically. So if multiple people are accessing a notebook at once, their changes are updated and saved as they are made. However, there may be times when you want to sync notebooks in OneNote manually.             To sync notebooks in OneNote manually, click

Tags in OneNote: Overview             You use tags in OneNote to keep your content organized and easy to locate. Tags in OneNote give you a visual way to identify content within categories. Tags in OneNote also help you organize content, remember tasks, or find content based on the tags attached to it. You can attach

Create Links in Notebooks in OneNote: Overview             OneNote’s “Wiki Linking” feature lets you create links in notebooks in OneNote. You can create links in notebooks in OneNote to link to other notebooks, pages or sections in a notebook, like hyperlinks in a webpage. To create links in notebooks in OneNote, first highlight the text

The Notebook Recycle Bin in OneNote: Overview             As you delete sections and pages from your notebooks, they are kept in the notebook recycle bin in OneNote. To restore a deleted section or page within a notebook, you must display the contents of the notebook recycle bin in OneNote. However, many notebooks automatically delete items

Section Groups in OneNote: Overview             Section Groups in OneNote let you create a group of sections that are kept separate from the rest of the notebook. Section Groups in OneNote appear in the Notebook Header along with other sections, but the icon looks like three small section tabs stacked upon one another.             To