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The Internal Accounting Review in Sage 50: Overview             The Internal Accounting Review in Sage 50 is a helpful feature. This feature runs a quick check of your accounts and transactions to check for minor accounting errors. For example, you can use it to find an error like selecting an incorrect account type when writing

Reconcile Accounts in Sage 50: Overview             You can reconcile accounts in Sage 50 using the “Account Reconciliation” window. Most often, users reconcile bank accounts, cash accounts, and credit card accounts. When you reconcile accounts in Sage 50, you ensure the transactions in the account within your company file match the transactions in the account’s

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Sage 50 is a multi-featured accounting and bookkeeping program that allows you to create invoices, statements, pay your bills, write checks, track inventory, manage your payroll, and perform other accounting and business-related services. Sage 50 is a terrific program to learn, as the skills that you learn in Sage 50 can save valuable time and

Sage50: Creating a Company

Friday, 13 September 2013 by

When you want to create a new company file in Sage50, you use the “New Company” wizard to create your new company file and enter its information. You can start the “New Company” wizard by selecting “File| New Company…” from the Menu Car. The “New Company” wizard displays different windows into which you will input

The General Ledger records all financial information for your company. Every transaction that occurs is eventually posted to the set of accounts that make up the General Ledger. This set of accounts is called the Chart of Accounts. Here we will look at setting the defaults for the General Ledger.   When you want to