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              A Reference Guide Full of Office Tips             Many users who are already familiar with using the products contained in the Microsoft Office 2013 suite of products may only need a quick tip on how to perform common tasks. You can find many common

Microsoft’s website states that the average customer receives 10,000 emails in a year and 80% of that will be newsletters and advertisements that clutter a user’s inbox. On January 16, 2014 Microsoft announced that it was celebrating “National Clean Out Your Inbox Week’ by dedicating time to help users de-clutter their email. Besides updating

AutoReply to Email The AutoReply feature of Outlook can be indispensable for attorneys who must make many court appearances and travel to perform their jobs. Whenever you must leave the office for a day, it is a good habit to set an AutoReply to email- informing people that you are out of the office and

Microsoft Outlook contains features that can come in handy for law firms, attorneys, lawyers, and anyone who practices law. In this post, we will cover task tracking.             Task Tracking vs. Forwarding Email Many times you may have the temptation to forward an email that needs follow-up to an assistant

In Outlook, the Calendar folder stores all of the information that you would expect to find in a conventional paper-based calendar. The calendar allows for three basic types of entries: “Appointments,” which are events that you have allocated time for, but do not involve other people- for example, going to the doctor’s office; “Events,” which

You can easily turn an email you receive into a task, thereby preserving the text of the email and any phone numbers or other information it contains as an actionable task for which you can then set a reminder date, as well as other task information. To do this, click and drag the desired email

Click here for the complete Oulook tutorial             Junk Email is any email that is unwanted by the receiver. It is usually sent in mass quantities to users and contains either unwanted advertising, viruses, spam, malware, phishing websites, or other potentially harmful information. It’s important that all users understand how

 A contact is someone important to your business or personal life that you want to keep in contact with using Outlook. The “Contacts” folder in Outlook is basically the same as an electronic Rolodex, or address book. You use it to keep information about your business and personal contacts. It helps store and organize information