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AutoArchive in Outlook: Overview             This blog post will show you how to AutoArchive in Outlook. You can set AutoArchive options on all Outlook folders. AutoArchive in Outlook lets you automatically move messages from a specified folder to an archive folder or delete them from a specified folder, after a set period of time has elapsed. AutoArchive in

Buy Outlook 2016 Training for Lawyers- Now Available from TeachUcomp, Inc.             TeachUcomp, Inc. is pleased to announce you can now buy Outlook 2016 training for Lawyers with the release of our newest tutorial, “Mastering Outlook Made Easy for Lawyers CPE Edition v.3.0.” This tutorial provides training for legal professionals on using the Microsoft Outlook

Create a Public Folder in Outlook: Overview             You can create a public folder in Outlook to which you can post public conversation topics or any type of item that Outlook can store in its normal folders like e-mail, calendars, and tasks. You can use this terrific feature to set up meetings, schedule employees’ tasks,

Use the Bcc Field for Confidentiality with Contact Groups: Overview             In this lesson, you will learn about creating contact groups and how to use the Bcc field for confidentiality when sending emails to your contact groups. Note that contact groups were called “distribution lists” in Outlook 2007, however they retain the same functionality in

Buy Outlook 2013 Quick Reference Cards at TeachUcomp, Inc, with Our New Product Release, “Outlook 2013 Quick Reference Card!”             TeachUcomp, Inc. is pleased to announce you can now buy Outlook 2013 Quick Reference cards with the new Outlook 2013 cheat sheet: “Outlook 2013 Quick Reference Card.” This Outlook 2013 Quick Reference card is perfect

Microsoft Releases a New Outlook App for iOS and Android             Microsoft released the new Outlook app for iOS and Android on Thursday, January 29, 2015. The new Outlook app for iOS and Android is the result of the acquisition of the “Acompli” email app back in December 2014. Users who are familiar with the

A Tutorial on How to Create PDF Using Microsoft Office             This tutorial will show you how to create PDF using Microsoft Office 2013-2010. The information is taken from the complete Acrobat training titled “Mastering Acrobat Made Easy v.XI.” Acrobat makes it easy to convert Microsoft Office files into PDF files

Microsoft Office 365 vs. Microsoft Office 2013             As a software training center, we have noticed that there still seems to be some confusion between Microsoft Office 365 vs. Microsoft Office 2013 and what that entails for the related Microsoft Office training. This article will attempt to clarify the differences between the two. The major